2023-2024 Board -Left to Right: Keely Dietrick, Jody Coats, Heidy Carver, Cheryl Foster, Nicole Stevens, Rebecca Broomell, Leanne Brown, Stacey Jackson, & Lori March. 

President: Stacey Jackson
1st Vice Pres: Leanne Brown
2nd Vice Pres: Rebecca Broomell
Secretary: Nicole Stevens
Treasurer: Cheryl Foster 
Membership & Webmaster: Heidy Carver
Directors: Jody Coats & Keely Dietrick
Delegates: Rebecca Broomell, Keely Dietrick, Kendra Oliver, & Heidi Martin
Alternate Delegates: Jody Coats, Lori March, Tara Porterfield, & Nicole Stevens
Immediate Past President: Lori March

About Us: 

A little bit of history…

 In 1955, during a Siskiyou County Cattlemen’s Tour, the group of women attending with their husbands met in Charlotte Davis’ kitchen and decided to form a county unit of the CowBelles. Esther Foulke, who had just returned home from a California CowBelle’s meeting, was at the Davis home. The organizational meeting place was scheduled to take place at the Bur Bel Resort. 

The California CowBelles was then only two years old, and the American National CowBelles just three years old. The first county unit had been formed by Kern County in Bakersfield in 1948, seven years earlier. 

The twenty-two women attending that first Siskiyou County meeting, and the eight who joined during the first year, are listed on the next page. The first president, Gladys Hart, had been a charter member of ANCB, established in January 1952, Fort Worth, Texas. Esther Foulke later became president of the CCB in 1964. Eight of the other women went on to become presidents of the SCCB; three were committee chairwomen of the ANCB (Esther Foulke, Pat Smith, and Arvilla Dudley). Four later served as committee chairwomen of the CCB (Esther Foulke, Pat Smith, Betty Barnes, and Arvilla Dudley).

We welcome any and all who want to support the livestock industry and our rural way of life. You don't have to "have cows" to be a member! Help us spread the "good news" about beef and its nutrition, cattle and the environment, and everything that makes our lifestyle unique and important!

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