Check out the links below to great recipes and cooking information!

Also, check out the downloadable fact sheets below on HOW to incorporate BEEF into a heart-healthy diet or as a component of a GOOD LEAN DIET, especially if you're an athlete, a woman, a teenager, or if you're feeding an active growing child or a big family....

A special thanks to the California Beef Council, ANCW, CCW, and CCA for their handouts and recipes!

MyPlate_Final.pdf MyPlate_Final.pdf
Size : 986.313 Kb
Type : pdf
Tri-Tip_California's Cut.pdf Tri-Tip_California's Cut.pdf
Size : 1119.648 Kb
Type : pdf
Beef-New Ways to Love Your Grill.pdf Beef-New Ways to Love Your Grill.pdf
Size : 1442.353 Kb
Type : pdf
NaturallyNutrientRichMeals.pdf NaturallyNutrientRichMeals.pdf
Size : 2763.583 Kb
Type : pdf
BeefItsNotYourFathersSteakAnymore.pdf BeefItsNotYourFathersSteakAnymore.pdf
Size : 2106.071 Kb
Type : pdf
PopularBeefCutsAreLeanerThanYouThink.pdf PopularBeefCutsAreLeanerThanYouThink.pdf
Size : 473.144 Kb
Type : pdf
ChoicesofBeef_Final_web.pdf ChoicesofBeef_Final_web.pdf
Size : 1317.157 Kb
Type : pdf
29LeancutsWalletCard.pdf 29LeancutsWalletCard.pdf
Size : 430.621 Kb
Type : pdf
leanbeefcookery.pdf leanbeefcookery.pdf
Size : 335.366 Kb
Type : pdf
LeanOnBeefTipSheet.pdf LeanOnBeefTipSheet.pdf
Size : 476.844 Kb
Type : pdf
ProteinRichDietBoostsBenefits.pdf ProteinRichDietBoostsBenefits.pdf
Size : 331.427 Kb
Type : pdf
ReducingFatinCookedGroundBeef.pdf ReducingFatinCookedGroundBeef.pdf
Size : 45.732 Kb
Type : pdf

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